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Photo taken by Tricia Mei Lim (@kuromelo on Instagram)

Hello! Hi there! Apa Khabar?

Instead of writing you a biography that is boring, bland and completely void of enthusiasm and emotion, I've decided to introduce myself to you as if you and I were sitting at some cosy cafe hidden in a nook somewhere, getting to know each other over freshly brewed coffee/tea (whichever makes you happy). 

This could go either way. You could instantly want to be my friend or you might spurn me and your imaginary brewed-beverage and therefore cease to listen to me (OR my music) ever again. 

But somehow I'm willing to take a chance, anyway. 

My name is Beverly. I am a daughter, friend and loved one to the people I hold most dear. I am, in fact, also a singer-songwriter born and raised in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 

My long-standing fascination with music and songwriting began when I was 11 years old, around the same time my dad brought home a shiny Ritmuller upright piano. Now, I had no particular experience at all in playing the instrument but that didn't stop me from tinkling away on the ivories and writing my first ever song. Though I can't seem to remember the melody of the song, I knew it was about love. (you will realize this as a recurring theme later on). What I do remember most though, is how proud I was of myself but at the same time, how painfully shy I was to share the song with anyone else.

Pictured is shy little me (on the right) sitting next to my (still) bestie of almost a decade, Amber. And yes, I am wearing crimped, clip-on hair extensions. The early 2000s were a hoot, weren't they?

Fast forward to 15 years old and I am on a stage in front of my whole school, singing something that I wrote for my favourite teacher's farewell party. (Cikgu Junaidah, I still love you!) It was the first time in my life I've ever felt like I amounted to anything. I realized right then, that I have found my calling.

Can't believe I managed to find this picture! Here I am singing at the farewell party. Also in the picture is another bestie/human-mic-holder, Andrea. The one at the corner shielding her visage answers by the name of Eileen.

From then on, music and I were one and making a career out of it became my only goal. Well, besides a hiccup in Uni when I was convinced that I needed to be a wedding planner after graduating. (which can all be blamed on my obsession with everything to do with love, yet again.) I performed at various school functions, uploaded YouTube videos and when I moved to KL in 2014, started dabbling in the open mic circuit (shoutout to the folks at Merdekarya and Moonshine Productions).

My first featured stint at Merdekarya in 2014! I have since called this venue my home away from home.
(photo by Vincent Choo)

This brings me to the present. I don't like to do anything even remotely close to boasting, but I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunities I had. From performing at the Penang Island Jazz Festival and the Rhythms of Rimba (RoR) Festival back in Sabah, to having my songs played on local radio stations and being interviewed for news articles and TV programmes. Back in August 2017, my first ever EP, 'Echoes', was released and a song from the record even made the semi-finals in the International Songwriting Competition that same year, out of thousands of applicants. It's safe to say that I will never stop pinching myself as a reminder that this is real life and that I should cherish every second of it. God willing, this is just the beginning of it all!

Performing at the Penang Island Jazz Fest 2016, Sunrise Show! (Photo by Ship Ng)

With my photog/hype-bae Sammy (sumtingw29 on Instagram) after my slot at the 2017 Surf & Music Fest at the Tip of Borneo! One of my favourite stages I've ever played at!

I also occasionally moonlight as a dancing frontwoman for crazy-talented Malaysian superband, 'Nadir'! (Photo by Tang Chun Cheah) 

Emotional throwback to the 'Echoes' EP Launch on Aug 26th 2017 at Merdekarya. (Photo taken by Tang Chun Cheah)

Played among a swarm of terrifying (but beautiful) cicadas at RoR Festival 2018. (Photo taken by Srap Design on Facebook)

I guess what I'm trying to tell you, dear reader, is that I am happy that you are here. You are the reason why I'm able to do the things I do. So all I ask of you is that you join me on this journey as I navigate through the crazy realities of life using words and songs as my sword and shield. In doing so, I hope to also give you comfort in knowing that you are not alone. 

Thank you for spending your precious time reading this.

Speak soon.



  1. enjoying the writing. more cute animal videos also good. recommending: english bulldog puppies. #bringbackthevlogsplease

    Continually loving from the shadows,

    p.s. proud of you.

    1. haha I'm super happy that you liked it! Making a mental note to check out videos of english bulldogs ASAP.

      Always sending you love and light,

      p.s. proud of you, too.


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