Hello, I'm Alive

....and ready to tackle the new year!

Found this cute number at a boutique back home in Kota Kinabalu. Hands down--favourite cheongsam ever!

Okay, first off, I apologize for slacking a bit on my updates. 

Truth be told, I tried to write a blog post a few times but the triple whammy that was Christmas, New Year's and subsequently Lunar New Year just meant that the holiday mood completely took control over my life and I was unable to do more than just laze around the couch eating my weight in prawn crackers (which I am both soooo allergic and addicted to!), practically inhaling pineapple tarts and re-watching the 'Ip Man' Trilogy over and over again. 
Anyone who thinks Donnie Yen is not swoon-worthy can fight me.

Darren has the same haircut now. I swear I had nothing to do with his decision.

AND SO, I am so sorry it took another New Year's celebration for me to finally straighten my sh*t up and post one in February 2019.

My, oh my. 2019 seemed to have silently crept right into our lives, don't you think? Anyhow, I think it's fair that I update you with what's been going on with lil' ol me. 

The big thing that's headed your way and I'm most excited about is........
I'm starting work on my NEW ALBUM, the title of which will be kept under wraps for now~ Once again, I'll be teaming up with my favourite producer, Irena Taib, whom I've worked with in the past on 'If I Fall in Love'. (Have you heard it yet? Apparently now it has over 68K streams on Spotify?! You guys are blowing my mind!

Right now, we're still working on the foundation but judging from the early demos so far, you guys are in for a real treat! A day before I flew back to KK for the holidays, I managed to squeeze in a full photoshoot for the album cover! I reunited with the IIFIL Music Video team (Chris Fowler and Tricia Lim), gave them the concept I had in mind and not surprisingly, they were able to surpass all my expectations yet again. It was a super fun day and I'll definitely keep it in my treasured box of memories. :) 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@beverlymatujal) and Facebook (@beverlymatujalmusic)  to keep updated with the project, y'all! I promise some real yee-haws and emotional goodness with my new tunes. 

Another thing I've been keeping myself busy with is.....the KETO DIET! The people closest to me might know that I first tried Keto back in April 2018 and stuck to it quite religiously up to mid-July. Nevermind the aesthetic changes (I lost about 5kg), I have since missed the mental clarity and just overall how good I felt on the diet. You see, I sometimes have really bad mood swings and anxiety. Back when I was on Keto, all the 'mean reds' tremendously lessened. (nod to all the Breakfast at Tiffany's fans out there!)

For those who have not heard of Keto, it's more of a lifestyle where you consume a diet high in fats, moderate protein and low carbs. Like, usually less than 25g of Carbs. And just to put things in perspective, a whole banana equals to 25g of carbs....so yah. The diet basically trains your body to run on fat instead of carbs and it's been proven to be extremely good for your brain, too! Okay, that's the gist of it and I'll stop right there before I bore all of you. Basically, since CNY is all done and dusted, I'm getting back in the saddle and I'm going to restart the diet again, this time until I'm officially fat-adapted (I'm giving myself a timeline of 6 months)!
So wish me luck!

An example of a Keto meal. Photo by Jenna Hamra from Pexels

Finally, this Bebuli is already gobsmacked most of the time, but this time even more so to find out that she just got chosen as VIMA Music Awards' 'Best Overall Malaysian Female Act' for 2019! People I trust normally tell me that it's better not to put too much weight on chasing accolades because sometimes it can come at the cost of my mental health. But it feels nice to be recognized once in a while. And for this I feel truly blessed. :)
Thank you so much, VIMA Music Awards! You have no idea how much this means to me.

Also, I want to give a big shout-out to The Impatient Sisters and Crinkle Cut for how awesome they are. You should definitely check-out their beauuuutiful music, too!

Top Left : The Impatient Sisters / Bottom Left : Crinkle Cut / Right Portrait taken by Randall Wong.

And I guess that's about it!

If you're still reading this, I congratulate you for being able to put up with my lengthy blog post haha. I promise to write another one weekly so if I forget, don't hesitate to write a really angry comment on any of my social media accounts. I can take it. It's 2019 after all, new year, new me, right? hahhaha ok I'm just kidding, I'm still a fragile flower so be nice, please.

Now I'm signing off, but not before this random picture of Donnie Yen, A 55-YEAR OLD MAN, working out at the gym.

Time to start lifting, amirite everyone?

Bye for now! :)



  1. Love the blogpost and updates Beverly, all the best for 2019!

    1. Thank you so much, Az! So happy to hear that haha. Likewise--all the best to you too!


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