Strength means Blessed with an Enemy

I came across an amazing song today.
It was written by a songwriter whom I ardently respect and admire : Ms. Sara Bareilles.

Her new single, 'Armor' is, simply put, an anthem of what it's like to be a woman in this day and age... How in order to survive, we simply can't make it through on our own. The key is to draw strength from each other. And while I spam the Spotify replay button for the aforementioned song, I'm reminded of one particular strong woman in my life.

'My armor comes from you...'

I know I always talk about my father in interviews when I get asked how I started in music, but the (literally) unsung hero is my mother. She has always been a strong guiding force in my life, pushing me to be better and better. We might not see eye-to-eye on a lot of things and she might not be 100% sold on me being a full-time musician, but one thing's for sure: This woman taught me never to settle for something less than what I deserve. And that it's up to me to prove to her that I made the right choice, through hard work and dedication. My mother has gone through so many hardship in her lifetime, but she never once gave up. Her love and sense of responsibility to her family is selfless to the core. And I think it's about time I give her the credit she deserves.

So here's to you, mum.
Thank you for forging my armor.

'You make me stronger, stronger,
Now hand me my armor...'

 Today's soundtrack : 'Armor' by Sara Bareilles (Listen on Spotify


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