I am an Archetype

At this exact moment, I am sitting at a cafe with a cup of ethically sourced coffee, my notebook filled with unfinished lyrics and a black beret atop of my head. I'm suddenly wondering if I'm dangerously close to becoming a cliche.

Ah, the dreaded millenial archetype.
But I digress.

My birthday (and #IIFIL release date!) came and went. The response so far has been amazing. It seems like people actually love sentimental heart songs as much as I do! Which is not a surprise, really. After all, love does make the world go about its axis. (ha. earned extra points for that last bit!)

But there is much more to left do. At least, that's what I tell myself to keep me from sitting on my bum and watching Japanese guinea pig videos on the internet all day. So many radio stations and magazines to contact, merch to mail etc. etc. I don't want to bore you with the details. I just wanted to post something up to tell all of you that I'm doing okay.

With that, I better get back to my work. My coffee is getting cold and I fear I'm starting to realize that it costs as much as my lunch meal. Til' next time, loves.


Today's soundtrack : 'Vanessa' by Del Water Gap (Listen on Spotify


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