Something in the Horizon

IIFIL  //  161018

It's been a long time coming, but it looks like I finally found my footing.

The world can be a pretty confusing place when you've yet to find your own voice. And that's precisely what I've been working very hard on since releasing 'Echoes' last year. Making the EP, I experienced a multitude of emotions, all strong enough to overwhelm me like waves crashing against the shore (emotions = wave / me = shore). And as a result, I didn't get to fully enjoy the experience of it all. More importantly, I failed to ask myself the hard questions: 'Is this what I really want? Is this how I want to do it?' And although I love 'Echoes' as is and would never change a single thing, I was too caught up in finishing it that I missed out on the little (but important!) things.

I know, you may think I'm being dramatic for having a meltdown so early in my career (and after releasing  just one record, nonetheless). However, better to acknowledge these things earlier on than collecting regrets for the future, methinks.

The past few months have been a journey of discovering my sound and placing focus on what makes my music uniquely me. Maybe it's because of a deep-rooted insecurity that no matter what I do, I always feel like I'm never quite good enough. Whatever it is, I've decided to let that go. Sharing your music should be cathartic. And if it's not genuine, what's the point of doing it in the first place, right?

Sooo I guess that brings me to the present. I'll be releasing 'If I Fall in Love' in a month, with a music video to boot. I've (more or less) made peace with my inner demons, for now. And I believe this single will be a new exciting chapter in my unfinished book.

No more hiding.
I just hope that you'll like it.☺

All the love in the world,



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