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The Abundance of Trial and Errors

Okay let me start this post by  stating the obvious : I DID NOT KEEP MY PROMISE. I failed to write a weekly blog post. My 2019 Album is now my 2020 Album. I am off Keto, and have been since a week after I posted my last blog post. Liiiiiiiiisten. You don't have to leave any nasty comments. I already feel like a humongous failure one way or the other. But you know what? I have come to realise one simple, undeniable truth. A truth that no matter how many times we try to evade it, always comes back to bite us in the buttocks and that is: LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE. It laughs at the face of your many plans (no matter how foolproof!), Throws sneak punches when you're turned the other way, and gives you lemons to make lemonade when you're more of a  limau ais  person (you feel me?) Let me also tell you this. After nearly three decades here on Earth, I think I have finally made peace with life's many (maaaany) quirks and am now holding my head up high, awaiting

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